UNDERCOVER X Nike 全新联名,这双 React Element 87 你想要吗?

Nike React 新年第一款联名来了!

Human leg, Wrist, Carmine, Fashion, Bracelet, Street fashion, Athletic shoe, Maroon, Walking shoe, Sock,
Green, Fashion, Human, Outerwear, Event, Photography, Street fashion, Jacket, Tradition, Uniform,
Guillaume Roujas / NOWFASHION

在刚结束的 UNDERCOVER 2018 秋冬女装系列发布会上,UNDERCOVER 与 Nike 的最新联名也借由《怪奇物语》童星 SADIE SINK 走秀带出。

这一新鞋款名为 React Element 87,高桥盾采用了 Nike React 革新技术,对鞋面采用大面积轻量材质,并配以麂皮细节。

Red, Footwear, Fashion, Shoe, Leg, Street fashion, Joint, Sportswear, Trousers, Human leg,
Fashion, Red, Street fashion, Clothing, Fashion model, Fashion show, Runway, Shoulder, Human, Fun,
Red, Footwear, Pink, Shoe, Joint, Design, Sock, Pattern, Leg, Ankle,

此次率先亮相了三套配色,视觉表现力均很强烈,侧面的 “UNDERCOVER/JUN TAKAHASHI” 表明了它的身份,同时作为 Nike React 新年第一款联名,它保持了高设计水准和可穿性。你最心水哪一双?

Footwear, White, Shoe, Street fashion, Sneakers, Plimsoll shoe, Leg, Athletic shoe, Trousers, Sportswear,
Footwear, Shoe, Jeans, Street fashion, Leg, Fashion, Cool, Ankle, Human leg, Sports equipment,
Footwear, White, Shoe, Red, Street fashion, Leg, Fashion, Carmine, Plimsoll shoe, Sneakers,
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